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Wooden Bowls and Round Box

Wooden Bowls and Round Box

Don’t tell me you don’t need a few bowls and boxes to stash miscellany, because then we’ll all feel inferior to your mad minimalist lifestyle. Plus, this grouping of Wooden Bowls and Round Box are the sort of objects that organize and elevate everyday clutter. Odds and ends will be hidden away inside while a beautiful oak object is left to be admired. The Wooden Bowls, above, have a hollow base in the bottom and a shallower, fine bowl at the top, so smaller items like keys and coins can be kept at hand. The Round Box, shown below, offers a hiding spot for jewelry and knick-knacks, or even your smartphone and tablet.

Wooden Bowls (above) designed by Jonas Ravlo Stokke and Øystein Austad / StokkeAustad (NO)

Wooden Bowl, Tall, $199.00
Dimensions: 5.1″w x 6.9″h
Wooden Bowl, Wide, $249.00
Dimensions: 10.6″w x 4.7″h

Sarah Böttger Round Box

Sarah Böttger Round Box StokkeAustad

Round Box, $159.00
Designer: Sarah Böttger (DE) / Menu
Dimensions: 11.8″w x 2.8″h
Materials: Oak Wood

Available from Leibal, $159.00 - 249.00.

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