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Window Wall Hanging

Window Wall Hanging

Think of all the windows in your home, then think of the one with the worst view. Change that view for one with trees, light, and plants in the window, for the bargain price of $120. How’s that possible? Well, buy this Window Wall Hanging by Michigan-based photographer Debbie Carlos, and you’ll have a nice scene instead of whichever one gives you a headache. Here’s the deal, though, don’t go hanging it everywhere, because that will spoil the effect. Pick just one window and keep it special.

Dimensions: 43″Wx96.5″H

Designed by Debbie Carlos

-100% polyester
-Buttonholes for hanging
-Made in India

“Using only natural light streaming in from the window, Carlos shot this image on 35mm film at a nature preserve on the northwest side of Chicago. ‘The classroom was not in use and so it was quite dark, but it was a sunny day and the afternoon light coming through the window illuminated plants in the classroom in a very evocative, emotional way,’ she says. ‘You are essentially looking right into the light, which is a nice sentiment.’ Clever as a curtain or wall art. Hangs easy from top buttonholes.”

Available from CB2, 119.00.

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