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Touchscreen Mist Cleaner

Touchscreen Mist Cleaner

Your devices’ screens are gross. Who knows what bacteria and ‘schmutz’ are lurking upon their smudgy surfaces? If you had one of these AM Touchscreen Mist Cleaners, you could clean them right up. Spray the mist, and then use the microfiber cloth-clad bar to wipe off all the smudges. Ta-da! A clean screen. Yes, you could buy or make your own alcohol-free cleaner, and sure, you have plenty of microfiber cloths, but the fact that AM has combined both into one handy package means it’ll be easier to keep things pristine. Designed and made by AM, where unfortunately most of the cleaning items/tools seem to be sold out.

From AM, where unfortunately all the items seem to be sold out.
3.5h x .75w x .75″d.

10,5ml. / 0.36Oz.
Made for laptops & desktop screens.

Available from MoMA Store, 13.00.

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