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Thuya Rainwater Tank

Thuya Rainwater Tank

The world of above ground rainwater storage needs help. No matter how practical they are, most designs are eyesores and run the risk of upsetting your neighbors. However important that may or may not be, it’s worth noting that there’s definitely room for improvement. This tank is perhaps not the prettiest (nor the least expensive), but it is a heck of a lot better to look at than most, and it has a weird faux-topiary shape that might just camouflage itself in the right surroundings. Also not horribly offensive to the eyes are the Rainwater HOG ($325), Exaco ECO 67 Wooden Rain Barrel ($239), Algreen 50 gal. Castilla Rain Barrel ($129), and the Graf Sunda Rattan Wall Tank ($350).

“The Thuya Rainwater Tank collects water from the top and holds up to 50 gallons, is virtually unbreakable and is resistant to freezing. Easily fill a watering can by the nozzle at the base.”

Green rotomoulded polyethylene construction
Freeze resistant
Weather resistant
Filling device on top
Water tap on bottom
Capacity: 50 Gallons

Dimensions: Height 60 In., Width 24 In.

Available from Lumens, 438.80.

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