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The Weather Station

The Weather Station

You need a smartphone to check the weather? Pfft. You wouldn’t if you had this Weather Station affixed outside within view of the kitchen sink. Best Made Co. has joined forces with a manufacturer in Germany to bring you a weather station that does things the old fashioned way. A thermometer and a hygrometer simultaneously read heat and humidity; when both needles cross in the hatched section of the gauge, you’ll know it’ll be a pleasant day. Those city folk can have their phones- you’ll rely on something that’ll never need a power cord, thank you very much.

-Hygrometer and thermometer
-Humidity range: 20% – 100%
-Humidity accuracy: +/- 5%
-Temperature range: 47° – 105° F
-Temperature accuracy: +/- 1 K
-100% brass body

Dimensions: 6″ x 1.5″

The Weather Station Best Made Co.

Updated price and link; originally posted Oct 16, 2015.

Available from Best Made Co. , $178.00.

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