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Sunda: 2+ Person Tent & All-in-One Hammock

Sunda: 2+ Person Tent & All-in-One Hammock

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, chances are you’ll be interested in the Sunda Tent & Hammock. Configure it into its tent mode, and you’ll have 35 square feet of livable space that’s perfect for two people. Or, should you find yourself on rocky ground, take it into its hammock version, which becomes a one-person, all-in-one hammock shelter. Plus, there’s a ‘Fly Light’ mode that’s suited for a more casual, outdoor, day shelter. So many options, all with the same pack of materials. There’s a ton of extra features: Lumosโ„ข light enhancing fabric, interior zippered pockets for storage, hanging loops for gear… they all add up to a well suited shelter for your next outdoor adventure. Learn more on their Kickstarter Page.

Sunda: 2 Person Tent & All-in-One Hammock

Available from Kickstarter, $299.00.

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