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Steel Tray vs. Corian Tray

Steel Tray vs. Corian Tray

Next up, ladies and gentlemen, we have a tray smackdown! Steel versus Corian, white versus white, handles up versus handles flat, all very exciting. Which one has the lower price of $79 and which one has the higher price tag of $335?

The details:

Flat Corian Tray

A) Flat Corian Tray by FTF Design, available from shopHorne.

dimensions: 1″h x 9.75″d x 22.75″w
materials: Corian

Steel Tray Open End

B) Steel Tray Open End by Bell Manufacturing, available from Room & Board

dimensions: 3″h x 13″d x 22″w
material: hand-made, powder-coated steel

Answer: If you picked the Steel Tray Open End for the $79 price tag, you are correct! That means the Flat Corian Tray owns the $335 tag. Quite a difference due to the materials, but that’s how things work in the wondrous world of retail.

Available from Room & Board /, 79.00 / 335.00.

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