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Slide Mirror

Slide Mirror

Sad news: it looks like there’s not a retailer stateside that carries these mirrors anymore. Happy news: you can buy them directly from the designer, Sylvain Willenz.

If you buy either of these mirrors, you might just have to get the Cuboid Doormat to continue the 3D illusion. Maybe add the Half a Table by Niels Van Eijk & Miriam Van der Lubbe and some seating from Acne for a distinct fun-house vibe.

The shadow effect is screen printed on the 4mm glass.

Designed by Sylvain Willenz.

Square: 26.4″ x 26.4″
Rectangle: 26.4″ x 57″

From our archives; originally posted Aug 9, 2012.

Available from Sylvain Willenz Shop, €249.00 - 299.00.

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