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Transience Mirrors

Transience Mirrors

The tonal colors on the handmade Transience Mirrors involve a little chemistry. Sulfur is used to create layers of color; the longer the chemical is left to oxidize, the deeper the color. With repeating geometric shapes reinforcing each mirror’s perimeter, you’ll have a strong visual statement fit for any room. The hard part will be choosing your favorite- in addition to the Large Mirror Circle you see above, there’s the smaller Mirror Circle, the Large Mirror Rectangle, the Large Mirror Triangle, the Large Cubic Mirror, and the Mirror Linear.

Designed by Lex Pott and David Derksen

Manufacturer: Tansnatural
Materials: Silver, Silver Oxide, Glass

Above: Large Mirror Circle, $2,850.00 (L37.7″x W18.8)

Transience Mirror Square and Triangle
Transience Mirror Squares, Small, €895.00, and Transience Mirror Triangle, Small, €895.00.

Transience Mirrors
Above, right: Transience Mirror, Linear, $2,850.00

Also available directly from Transnatural and SHOP David Derksen, €895,00+.

Available from MATTER, $2,850.00.

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