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Arch Floor Mirror

Arch Floor Mirror

“What’s through there?” That’s what your friends will be saying until they smack their foreheads against this mirror (they’re not too bright, those friends of yours, poor things). Just think, your place will look like it gained another room at first glance, thanks to the elegant optical illusion of the arched design. Look closely and you’ll see several varying tints create a shaded effect; a small detail, yes, but quite effective. There’s the floor sized version (shown) as well as a smaller 32″ height that would work well on a console or credenza. And, if you want to go crazy, take a look at the Dune Mirror.

Each mirror is framed with a line of thin solid wood.

Arch Floor Mirror, $3,300.00
Black and Clear 1/4″ mirror, steam bent walnut frame.
36″ W x 1″ D x 84″ H
Weight: 120 lbs

Arch Mirror, $1,400.00
21″ W x 1″ D x 32″ H
Weight: 27 lbs

Note: Mounting brackets included for each mirror.
Customization available.

Arch Floor Mirror by Bower

Arch Floor Mirror by Bower detail

Available from The Future Perfect, $3,300.00.

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