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Sass Pedestals

Sass Pedestals

Why, yes, these pedestals are Sottsass-inspired, as you can tell by their circular, contrasting layers. Aren’t they just the thing to elevate certain things around your home? Perhaps you’ll place your hors d’oeuvres, your prized possessions, or, as suggested, your potted plants upon them, so that those items might shine slightly brighter for being seen.

Designed by MPGMB.
Design Country: USA
Materials: Marble, Wood

Low: W 14″ x L 14″ x H 3″, $150.00
Medium: W 12″ x L 12″ x H 5″, $165.00
Tall: W 10″ x L 10″ x H 9″, $220.00

Sass Pedestals

Also available directly from Souda.

Available from Horne, $150.00 - 220.00.

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