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Rok Hand-powered Espresso Machine

Rok Hand-powered Espresso Machine

The perfect cup of espresso is hard to replicate at home unless you want to plonk down several hundred (or thousand) dollars. And that’s exactly why some of our tastebuds will perk up when seeing the Rok Espresso Maker. It’s completely hand-powered. It’s also portable, which opens up the options for just where you’ll enjoy a cup of caffeinated loveliness. You’ll need a good espresso grind, some hot water, and your muscles. And maybe some practice. That’s it. Sounds encouraging for the non-expert, doesn’t it? See the video below for more.

Designed by the London-based company ROK Kitchen Tools.

“The Rok Espresso Maker comes with a portafilter, a stainless steel milk frother, a splitter for crafting two single shots, a tamp and spoon, an attractive stainless steel travel tin with foam fittings, and a 10-year guarantee. Its base is fitted with rubber legs to prevent slipping and scratching.”

Materials: Chrome-Plated Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Rubber, Silicone, Plastic
Dimensions ROK: W 8.66” x D 5.12” x H 11.42
Dimensions Tin: W 10.63” x D 7.87” x H 12.21”

Rok Hand-powered Espresso Maker

Available from Gessato, $190.00.

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