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Repurposed Beer Cloth Apron

Repurposed Beer Cloth Apron

If you want to look cool while cooking, throw one of these aprons on. Then, when someone says, ‘Hey, that’s a cool apron’ you can say, ‘Oh, this thing? Yeah, it’s a repurposed beer cloth with old climbing rope for the neck strap and waist tie. Kind of cool, huh?’ And then you’ll flip your omelette (or gourmet pancakes or some other incredibly delicious breakfast food) and look like you’ve got your life completely figured out, you smug bastard.

Designed by Lisa Siedlecki and Jennifer Silbert of Rewilder.

Dimensions: 32.5โ€ย H x 24.5โ€ย W
One size fits all
Materials: Repurposed beer filter cloth, repurposed climbing rope
Made in: USA

Available from Dwell, $118.00.

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