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Rainwater Hog

Rainwater Hog

I had posted the waterHOG in our Remodel section at the beginning of this month, and sure enough, it is now available through DWR. This non-permanent water storage solution can work as a single unit or in multiples and can be installed vertically or horizontally.

“The Rainwater Hog (2006) is a small-scale modular storage tank for collecting rainwater that can be reused for watering plants, washing the car or whatever you need…The Hog can be installed vertically against a wall, or horizontally, and it’s specifically sized to fit between structural frames. One unit holds 47 gallons of rainwater collected from a downspout, and if a larger capacity is needed, simply attach another Hog. A percentage of sales will go to the nonprofit Water Aid. A Leaf Catcher/Outlet Kit must be purchased (sold separately) for the Hog.”

H 71″ W 20″ D 9″

Available from DWR, 650.00.

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