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Porcelain Vide poche

Porcelain Vide poche

What is a ‘Vide poche’? It’s a valet tray for keeping your keys and coins and such (the literal translation is glove compartment, or according to this site, empty pocket). This collection from {far4} has some friendly illustrations that are bound to fit anywhere you need a little tray to catch your odds and ends.

Vide poche with Serge the pelican
Vide poche with Serge the pelican, $60.00

Vide poche with a skull
Vide poche with a skull, $60.00

Vide poche with Bruno in disguise
Vide poche with Bruno in disguise, $60.00

Main image above: Vide poche with Walter the unbrella fish, $60.00

To see more, visit {far4}.

Available from {far4}, 60.00.

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