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Parasol Shadylace by Chris Kabel

Parasol Shadylace by Chris Kabel

How quickly time flies. I posted this back in 2007, and, as is usually the case, the price has changed since then. While the Shadylace certainly isn’t new to the scene, I still think it’s a lovely choice for an outdoor umbrella. Light filters through the waterproof leaf motif, making you feel as though you’re sitting underneath a tree. Such a great alternative to all those semi-boring umbrellas out there.

Available in white or green.
Wood, steel, polyester (PE).

Dia. 7′ x H 7’5″

Fyi, the base is sold separately: base for shady lace parasol, $175.00

Parasol Shadylace XL costs significantly more: $1,705.00 at

“During my visits to factories, I noticed lace often has floral patterns that serve no immediate use. I wanted to design a floral pattern that serves some sort of purpose… so that the little specks of sunlight that are filtered through the open parts of the lace give the feeling that you’re under a tree.” -Chris Kabel

Available from, 390.00.


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