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Onsen Bath Towels

Onsen Bath Towels

Do you have slightly musty bath towels? Uh-oh, that means bacteria is growing. Yuck. Don’t worry though, Onsen towels are to the rescue. They have a waffle weave design that is “effortlessly absorbent” and very quick to dry. Made of 100% premium cotton, they are soft and strong, yet surprisingly lightweight. Tempted to refresh your towel collection? Me too.

Color: Cinder Grey

-Deep woven pockets maximize surface area exposure
-100% Cotton certified by Oeko-Tex®

Sizes: 31 x 57 inches (bath towel), 14 x 33 inches (hand towel), and 14 x 14 inches (face towel).

Onsen Bath Towels

Available from Kickstarter, $40.00+.

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