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Noble glass travel thermos

Noble glass travel thermos

If you’re crazy about tea, as in crazy enough to want a specific travel thermos with an inbuilt stainless steel infuser, then you’ll go bonkers over this glass and bamboo version. It’s double-paned, of course, to keep your fingers protected and your tea hot or cold, depending on your preference. And, speaking as a crazy tea person, there is something nice about glass carafe rather than stainless steel- just don’t go knocking it about like it’s unbreakable.

How to use:
1) Spoon tea into to stainless steel infuser
2) Secure infuser into thermos
3) Pour hot water over tea leaves, cover with lid, and steep as usual. Do not overfill – maximum water level is at the top of the metal infuser
4) If you use boiling water, wait a minute before putting on the lid
5) Remove infuser and empty contents after infusion

No longer available from original retailer, DAVIDsTEA.

Available from DAVIDsTEA, 29.50.

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