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Niche Centerpiece

Niche Centerpiece

Such an interesting piece with a really reasonable price tag…

niche can quite simply be considered a domestic sculpture. the composition of formally complex pieces results in a unique and sinuous dovetail effect. as soon as you see niche you want to take a piece in your hands so you can feel what to the eye appears to be an attractive, sinuous and velvety object. it can be a centerpiece made up of 5 pieces, each of which can be used as an individual receptacle for sweets or chocolates, or it can be used on a desk to hold office stationery and pens.

designed by Zaha Hadid
this item will be available by middle march
23.8″ x 11.8″ x 2.8″h

$168.00, Buy it here.

(thanks for the link Blaine!)


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