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Lunatik Polymer Touch Pen

Lunatik Polymer Touch Pen

Ah-ha, a pen and stylus, all in one. Click the top and an analog rollerball pen cartridge protracts, enabling you to write on paper surfaces as usual. Click again and the pen cartridge retracts, leaving you with a silicone tip that works with your tablet device. Dual tip, dual function. Video below.

Lunatik Polymer Touch Pen

Designer: Scott Wilson
Manufacturer: Lunatik
Country: United States
Date: 2012
Material: molded ploymer, GVD plated metal injection molded graphite clip, high grade silicone rubber grip, gel ink cartridge
Dimensions: length 153mm, diameter 11.22mm, wt 0.3 oz.

LunaTik Touch Pen from MINIMAL.

Available from Cooper Hewitt Shop, 19.95.

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