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Kaikado Canisters

Kaikado Canisters

For any tea or coffee purist, you’ll know that a good canister is a must in order to keep your key ingredient fresh. These hand made canisters are from Kaikado, a family in Kyoto that has kept the technique alive since 1875. It takes more than 130 processes to complete one single canister. Available in Copper, Brass, or Tin. See below for more pictures and sizes.

Material: Copper, Brass, and Tin.

“When you line up the seams on the canister and let go the lid, it will shut down by itself slowly. The action excrete air, which in result seals completely and keep contents fresh longer. This is the proof of hand made by craftsman.”

-Please do not touch with wet hands nor wash with water.
-Please keep gently stroking the surface to avoid finger prints.
-Enjoy the color change of metal by oxidation.
-It takes 2-3 weeks for copper, half year for brass and 1-2 years for tin.

Available from TORTOISE GENERAL STORE, 140.00.

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