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JOY N. 3 Tray Enamel Paint

JOY N. 3 Tray Enamel Paint

A faceted blue tray is exactly the sort of landing spot you need for your prized possessions. Maybe it’ll be for today’s snail mail, your keys, and your wallet when you get home after a long day, or maybe you’ll choose to display a short stack of books or magazines on your coffee table. Either way, you will want to clear it off every so often just so you can fully appreciate the reflection of light off its surface. Made from a steel sheet, the tray goes through a sophisticated molding technique to create the faceted texture. There’s also the JOY N. 1 Bowl, pictured below.

Designer: Claudia Raimondo
Manufacturer: Alessi USA

JOY N. 1 Bowl Enamel Paint
JOY N. 1 Bowl Enamel Paint, $140.00

Available from Cooper Hewitt Shop, $120.00.

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