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ISHUJA’s Eco-Essential Pen and Pencil

ISHUJA’s Eco-Essential Pen and Pencil

Are you sick of holiday shopping yet? Yeah, me too, but this might help. If you still have one impossible person on your list, and absolutely no idea what to get them, consider ISHUJA’s Eco-Essential Pen and Pencil Set.

Formerly a Kickstarter project, the set is now available for sale, and consists of one pen and one pencil, both with bamboo & aluminum bodies and a high-sensitivity stylus nib on each cap for tablet use. The set is appropriately gift boxed with a set of 5 color rings for identification. Not sure how long shipping will take, so do be sure to double check if you intend it as a Christmas gift.

The pen will take Pilot Hi-Tec-C and Pilot G2 pen inserts and the pencil features a Japan-made 0.5mm mechanism core.

A flat-tip/non-nib cap is available should you not need a stylus.

Eco-Essential Pen: $50.00

Gift Set (Pen + Pencil): $95.00
Eco-Essential Pen x 1
Eco-Essential Pencil x 1
Accessories (Color Rings + Flat-Tip) x 2

Available from ISHUJA, 50.00 - 95.00.

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