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Iceblox by Martin Zampach

Iceblox by Martin Zampach

Our second free header spot* goes to Martin Zampach. His ICEBLOX look like a lot of fun (note that the silicone mold can be used also for making chocolate, jelly and biscuits), so he gets a little free spot here on BLTD. We asked him a few questions about the design process:

What inspired you to create this product?
Actually inspiration came from my childhood when I was playing tetris like crazy on small one-purpose game handheld. Then It came to my mind again when I was in Moscow in summer 2007. Actually creator of this game is Russian engineer who designed it in 1984. I’ve got the idea that with ice or chocolate cubes could be fun too.

How long did it take to create a final version ready for sale?
It took me approximately a year from first scratch. First sketch has been done end of 2007 and first concept was published on internet early February 2008 (It was actually square shape) then it has been spread all around the blogosphere and people liked the idea a lot so I decided to search for manufacturer, also some contacted me by themselves. I’ve agreed with one and we started to developed idea further, then 3D model and documentation has been sent to manufacturer in china and first sample has been received after couple weeks for approval. I had to make some minor changes towards functionality and we were ready to start final production. We’ve received final products ready to sale on the end of November 2008.

What were the major hurdles from first inception to final product?
Actually I didn’t encounter any hurdles towards the finalizing the product and even with this long distance communication we have been able to put ICEBLOX on market so fast.

Thanks Mark for participating in this short q&a.

More about ICEBLOX:

ICEBLOX ice cube tray, make an ice play the game, chill out. ICEBLOX silicone mold can be used also for making chocolate, jelly and biscuits. 100% food grade silicone.

$10.99, Buy it at Supermarket.

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Available from Supermarket, 10.99.

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