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Fuller Rug from Peace Industry

Fuller Rug from Peace Industry

Felted rug from Iran made with Fair Trade practices and environmental considerations in mind.

“Peace Industry rugs are not woven, but pressed. Layers of wool fibers are arranged in the desired pattern on a tarp on the floor and boiling water is sprinkled on the top. The tarp is then rolled up, and the roll is walked on and worked until the wool sets. This entire process is done by hand, ensuring that each rug is unique. Made from wool that’s chosen for its strength and durability, Peace Industry rugs are naturally stain-resistant and the high content of lanolin protects them from foot traffic and wear and tear. Over time, the rugs will continue to soften and the colors will brighten. The Raissinas have a strong commitment to the environment and Fair Trade practices – the felting process requires no chemicals or toxins, and they guarantee that no worker is paid sub-living wages. Made in Iran.”

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