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Atelier Février Rugs

Atelier Février Rugs

Prepare yourself, because the rugs from Atelier Février are not cheap, and that’s a bit of an understatement. The Diamond and Sri di Rugs are made of 100% Tibetan wool that is hand-carded and hand-spun; the Nazar rug is made of silk and Himalayan Wool. All are hand-knotted by Tibetan artisans. You should have heard a slight swooshing sound at each of those compound adjectives; they indicate the price tag leaping up way over your budget. The designs are quite beautiful and compelling, as their off-kilter lines keep your eyes enthralled.

Above: Nazar Rug, from $8,565.00

Designer: Florian Pretet

Atelier Février Diamond Rug
Diamond Rug, from $6,605.00

Atelier Février Sri Di Rug
Sri Di Rug, from $6,605.00

Available from The Future Perfect, $6,605.00+.

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