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Frank Gehry Rock Vase and Bowl

Frank Gehry Rock Vase and Bowl

The highlight of the Gehry/Tiffany pairing (in my opinion*) are the bone china vases and bowls with their crumpled rock-like surfaces. Perhaps one of these would make a great housewarming/holiday gift for a Gehry aficionado?

Frank Gehry® Rock vase, large. 11.5″ high, $175.00, Buy it here.

Frank Gehry® Rock bowl, large, 9″ diameter, $150.00, Buy it here.
Also available, not shown: Frank Gehry® Rock dish ($125), small bowl ($100) and tumbler ($40).

*Sure, some of the jewelry is nice, but the ones that catch my eye either aren’t available or are waaay out of any price range that I am familiar with.


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