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Fat Tray from Alessi

Fat Tray from Alessi

This tray will cut your trips to and from the dining room in half. It’s a bamboo wood container with a lid that also acts as a tray, meaning you can put dishes and such inside and have a second layer to stack food or drinks. A moveable separator inside keeps things organized.

‘I’ve called this voracious Tray “Fat” because it has already “swallowed” everything you need for setting a table, which is now on the inside, while on top, fresh food, beverages or pastries are ready to be served during a business meeting, an afternoon tea, a picnic in the park or even in the office. It’s the first Tray/Container produced by Alessi and their only wooden Tray currently in production.’

Harri Koskinen

Available from Unica Home, 146.00.

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