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Everyday Trays

Everyday Trays

This set of trays have nicely sculpted basins that would work well as catch-alls for all sorts of things: office supplies, jewelry, keys and coins… you name it. Finished by hand with a food safe oil, you might even want to use them in the dining or kitchen area for snacks or other small food dishes. Made from solid white oak.

“The Everyday trays are made in small batches right on the shores of the San Francisco Bay on the old Alameda Navel air base. This set comes with 3 trays, a small, medium and large.”

by The Utility Collective
Dimensions: 2.0H x 9.0W x 5.5D
Materials: White Oak with hand-oiled finish
Direct Made in San Francisco, CA USA.

Everyday Trays

From our archives; originally posted Feb 6, 2012.

Available from The Utility Collective, 125.00.

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