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Direct Designs’ Space Grill

Direct Designs’ Space Grill

This crazy looking contraption looks like it has plenty of surfaces for you to prepare and grill the heck out of whatever you’d like.

From the UK design firm DirectDesigns, this beautifully designed charcoal grill will last a lifetime. The 4-mm thick fire bowl is finished in ultra high-temperature 1,100-degree paint. The unique, swing-out grill system comprises of two heavy-gauge stainless steel grills that height-adjust for different cooking temps. On the top grill, sit a serving dish, a saucepan or use as a back-up cooking or warming grill. The larger main grill swings out to enable quick fuel top-ups. Underneath the bowl is an integral ash collector and adjustable ventilation system. We also love the eco-friendly bamboo chopping board and built-in hooks for tools. Doubles as a brazier, too, so you can keep the fun going into a cozy night by telling campfire tales around it. Not big enough? The larger diameter 800 Space Grill features a split-level main grill, two chopping boards and two upper grills.

Space Grill 600: 23.5″ diz x 45.5 ht, $395.00,
Buy it here.

Available with nylon weatherproof cover (+$30).


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