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Cowboy Coffee Kettle

Cowboy Coffee Kettle

Wait a minute, a coffee kettle without a filter? Pshaw! It might go against everything you’ve ever believed in, but, yes, this kettle is based on the campfire version of coffee and has no filter. Simply bring water to a boil, add your grounds, and let it steep. After 5 minutes, pour your brewed coffee slowly out, preferably while singing this song. Now on sale (for $36!).

$90.00 $36.00

by Umbra Shift & Castor

Enamel kettle in black or speckled white with a beechwood trivet.

Dimensions: 8.5″ h’ x 8.5″ l x 5.5″ w (21.5×21.5x14cm)
Material: Enameled metal, Beechwood

Cowboy Coffee Kettle

Updated price and link; originally posted Dec 15, 2015.

Available from A+R Store, $90.00.

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