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Covered Copper Bird Feeder

Covered Copper Bird Feeder

If you like the birds in your backyard/neighborhood, you’ll want to consider giving them a proper feeder that doesn’t offend your oh-so-picky-aesthetic. This feeder could be a contender: it’s handmade from solid 16 ounce, unfinished copper by a Swiss-trained metal craftsman and features a sculptural, twisting top that protects birds and seeds. Meant for smaller sized birds like chickadees and sparrows, it can hold all manner of feed so you can customize your own mix. If you prefer something less curvy in terms of design, take a look at the Flythrough Copper Bird Feeder for $79.

Solid 16-ounce copper bird feeder.
Comes with copper wire hanger.
Holds 0.75 quarts (0.70 liters) or 1.125 pounds (0.5 kilograms) of bird feed.
Handmade in the Blue Ridge Mountains since 2000.

Available from Kaufmann Mercantile, 74.95.

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