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Coava Kone Coffee Filter

Coava Kone Coffee Filter

After moving out to the Northwest it didn’t take long to notice that people take their coffee pretty seriously out here, and I’m not talking about Starbucks or Seattle’s Best. A welcoming local cafe is always a stone’s throw away, catering to both the casual coffee drinker and as well as patrons of the most distinguised taste. In Portland, one of the most unique cafes I have come across is Coava in the Central Eastside district. Sharing a space with a bamboo plywood showroom, the interior is industrial chic (fancy enjoying your coffee at a tablesaw?) yet is warmed by a large, welcoming bamboo counter and of course the lingering aroma of coffee beans. Serving coffee via a Chemex pour-over brewer is their first choice for a rich tasting cup, however co-owner Keith Gehrke saw the single-use paper filters to be quite wasteful. Instead of just dealing with it he decided to design his own filter, called the Kone… Made of stainless steel with etched perforations, the Kone is a reusable and sustainable filter that’s easy to wash and provides an always consistent pour. After many renditions the design has been finalized and is available to purchase at Williams Sonoma. My Ikea french press is suddenly looking very inadequate…


Made of stainless steel.
Fits standard: 6, 8 and 10 cup Chemex coffee makers.
Designed and manufactured entirely in the USA.

(Link and price updated May 10, 2012.)


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