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Blend Design: Birdbottle by Julie Rooney

Blend Design: Birdbottle by Julie Rooney

Our first free header spot* goes to Julie Rooney of Blend Design. The Birdbottle was actually first posted on BLTD last August, but we now get a chance to ask Julie a few questions about the design:

What inspired you to create this product?
I was inspired to design the Birdbottle when I was at someone’s home and on their backyard fence they had a replica of the old Williamsburg bird bottle. It struck me as a unique take on a birdhouse and when I researched it more I discovered it had a really great history to go along with it as well. So I thought it would be great to create a modernist version of this once colonial object.

How long did it take to create a final version ready for sale?
The first initial sketch for the Birdbottle was done several years ago but I didn’t actually start working on bringing it to life until my husband and I launched Blend Design which was in early 2008. It then took us about a year to get it to its final version. We did several prototypes until we got to the final end product that we are really happy with.

What were the major hurdles from first inception to final product?
The major hurdle that we encountered with creating the Birdbottle was with the actual manufacturing of the product. Being a small company we couldn’t afford to do large quantities so we struggled with being as cost effective as possible. We also wanted to work with local vendors. But we discovered that many companies don’t want to be bothered with such low quantity orders, which is understandable but frustrating none the less. Fortunately we were able to find some great vendors and our product is entirely manufactured in Pennsylvania.

Thanks Julie for participating in our short q&a.

More about the Birdbottle:

What once was a functional necessity in the 18th century is now a testament to modernist design and simple function. Constructed out of aluminum, the Birdbottle’s tubular profile and slanted entrance roof provide ample security for nesting birds. The polished stainless steel perch welcomes birds home and provides a perfect spot for them to sit outside and watch over the surrounding landscape. Made in the USA

$142.00, Buy it here.

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