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Avenue Rug

Avenue Rug

Stripes! There’s nothing like ’em to add some excitement to a room. Designed by Ritva Puotila, this wide striped design is available in four color combinations and also (good news) treated to repel dirt. It’s made from paper yarn, but don’t worry about flammability as the weave is tight enough to “not ignite easily”. Feel better? Available in stone-yellow, light gray-gray purple, gray-light gray, and nutria-light gray.

Manufacturer: Woodnotes
Design: Ritva Puotila
Material: 86% paper yarn (weft), 14% cotton (warp)
Sizes: 31.2″ x 78″; 54.6″ x 78″; 66.3″ x 93.6″

Available from Finnish Design Shop, 758.00 and up.

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