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Eserro Mobile Garden365

Eserro Mobile Garden365

Remember the Food Map Containers? This is quite similar, as it gives you an option for a mobile garden. It’s 23.5″ wide and 39″ long (and 7″ deep), so there’s quite a bit of space to plant a variety of kitchen vegetables and herbs, if that’s your thing. Just wheel it out of the way when more patio space is needed, or indoors when winter begins.

Eserro Mobile Garden365

-Raised design eliminates moisture problems on deck or patio by providing airflow under planter.
-Scratch, weather, and dent resistant

Designed in Canada and manufactured mostly in the United States.
Shipping Weight: 26 pounds

To learn more, visit Eserro. (It doesn’t look like you can buy it on Eserro’s site yet, fyi.)

Available from Amazon, 224.99.

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