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GrowOya Watering Vessel

GrowOya Watering Vessel

Did you know that surface watering is inefficient? Plants do best when they get water right at their roots. That’s just where the GrowOya aims, as it’s a terracotta vessel that’s buried mostly underground. Fill it every few days and water will naturally seep into the soil so roots can take just the right amount. You’ll be saving water and time… score!

You can make your own olla (pronounced oh-yah), of course, if you are so inclined, or you can get a few from GrowOya, in the appropriate size for your planter box or garden.

GrowOya Watering Vessel

GrowOya Watering Vessel

Small Oya, for patio or porch pots, $24.95
Capacity: 1 Litre (Waters a garden space up to 2 feet in diameter)
Dimensions: 5″ wide x 7″ high,
Weight: 1 lbs

Medium Oya, for planter boxes, small raised beds and larger containers, $29.95
Capacity: 3 Litres (Waters a garden space up to 3 feet in diameter)
Dimensions: 7″ wide x 10″ high
Weight: 3 lbs

Large Oya, for larger-scale intensive growing, $39.95
Capacity: 6.5 Litres (“A nice big 8โ€™ x 4โ€™ garden bed is perfect for two larges.”)
Dimensions: 10″ wide x 13″ high
Weight: 4.5 lbs

Originally posted May 16, 2017.

Available from GrowOya, $24.95 - 39.95.

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