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Airvase Message Card

Airvase Message Card

What’s better than a handwritten card? A handwritten vase. Huh? Well, rather, a handwritten message on an Airvase. Designed by Torafu Architects, each Airvase arrives as a flat, brightly colored paper disk that you shape into a bowl or vase. This gift card version has the option of adding your own note so that the recipient may sculpt your message into a 3D form, perhaps to be enjoyed long after the initial message arrived.

Current options available at the Cooper-Hewitt Shop: Airvase Message Card 1, Airvase Message Card 5, and Airvase Message Card 8.

Designer: Torafu Architects
Manufacturer: Kami No Kousakujo
Country: Japan
Material: Paper
Dimensions: 7.8″ Diameter

Available from Cooper Hewitt Shop, 9.00.

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