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Ito Bindery Memo Block

Ito Bindery Memo Block

Well, here’s a paper pad that makes me wish I had more notes to take. Each Ito Bindery Memo Block contains 350 tear-off sheets, and, with three modular sizes to choose from, you can combine or stack them as you wish. A recycled paperboard base gives stability and weight.

Designer/Maker: Ito Bindery
Material: Paper sheets and recycled paperboard
10.7 ร— 10.7 ร— 4.3 CM (S)
15 ร— 10.7 ร— 4.3 CM (M)
25.7 ร— 7.5 ร— 4.3 CM (L)

Origin: Japan

Ito Bindery Memo Block

Updated price and link; originally posted Sep 5, 2014.

Available from Ode to Things, $20.00 +.

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