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9.9.2 Box : Tray

9.9.2 Box : Tray

What’s the big deal about a walnut tray? Well, if you own anything, you know that little things tend to multiply, and it helps to have a tray handy to corral important things together. For instance, in the living area, a tray, such as the 9.9.2 Box you see above, would be an ideal spot to hold magazines and those unsightly TV remotes. In the kitchen, a tray would make a short job of setting the table- you can carry an armload’s worth of stuff safely to and fro. Use one in the office for an important stack of papers or in the bedroom for a safe spot for your phone, keys, and other pocket contents. The 9.9.2 Box Tray is handmade from solid four quarter American black walnut. Check out OnOurTable to see more of their Box Collection, as various sizes (some with lids) are available.

-5 lbs
-18 x 14 x 2 in

Designer: Geoffrey Lilge
Woodworker: Christopher Brandt

OnOurTable makes 100% of their products in their wood shop in Alberta, Canada from ethically harvested American black walnut.

Walnut Box Tray

Available from OnOurTable, $190.00.

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