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‘serpentine garden shower’ by extremis

‘serpentine garden shower’ by extremis

Seeing that the summer months are just around the corner, this seems appropriate for those of you that might enjoy the convenience of showering outside. The sun warms up the hose, providing you with comfortable warm water whilst enliminating pressure pumps and more permanent installations.

“place the serpentine wherever you want. plug your regular garden hose to the end of the stainless steel tube and your shower is ready for use. serpentine is a garden shower with an attractive and practical design. the added value comes from the light construction which provides very easy mobility in the garden.
as form follows function, serpentine’s shape is reduced to pure functionality. attach your garden hose to the end of the serpentine with one simple click. open and close by simply moving the lever in the middle up or down…”

dimensions: ø 23.6″ x 82.7″h


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