Wool Pouf by Ferm Living


This octahedral* pouf would add a little geometry to a space while providing a very comfortable place to rest one’s weary feet. Never underestimate a good pouf or an ottoman, by the way, as they make a big difference in relaxation (as witnessed by multitudes who involuntarily emit a sigh of relief once placing their lower limbs on their own said pouf/ottoman). Back to the octahedron: this one is made by Ferm Living and is stable enough to sit on, if you should so choose.

Material(s): 100% wool, foam filling
Dimensions: 23.6″ W X 23.6″ D X 23.6″ H

*Or, “more precisely it’s a ‘square dipyramid.'” Once again, Todd P. saves the day.

Wool Pouf by Ferm Living

Available from YLiving, 660.00.

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