Toy Store Storage System and Crazy Daisy Quilt


Here’s a smart storage solution for kid’s toys. The bins lay flat or swivel allowing you to adjust them to fit your little one’s needs. (The quilt is just for kicks. It’s cute and not too terribly expensive.)

The Toy Store storage system by Oeuf: $496.00,
Buy it here.

With the option for the bins to lay flat or swivel, kids will be happy to pitch in and clean up as they will be able to reach all the bins with ease. The bin dividers are removable so you can store a multitude of items of varying sizes – from the smallest Lego to oversized puzzles and everything in between.

Crazy Daisy Quilt: $80.00,
Buy it here.

This lightweight quilt can be used on the floor as a play mat or snuggled with on cool nights. Hang it on a wall for all to view and enjoy…

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