Paulistano Armchair in Canvas


The Paulistano chair, now available in cotton canvas. Are you excited? Even a little bit? Because you should be. It’s rare that outdoor furniture is described as exciting, mostly because it’s meant for outdoors and not many of us have the time and money to spend on amazing furnishings that will only get rained on, but such is the state of things. Now, the Paulistano’s new canvas cover means it can go outside and be its comfortable pleasing-to-the-eye self, thus saving us from the unfortunate cry of ‘there’s no decent outdoor furniture!’ The Paulistano is a 1957 classic originally designed for the Paulistano Athletic Club in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Paulistano flexes slightly and the sling can be adjusted up or down the frame for upright or relaxed sitting positions. To prevent rust, the phosphatized frame should be treated with WD40 twice annually.

Two frames to choose from: polished stainless steel or phosphatized carbon steel.
Made in France.

H 33″ W 27.5″ D 27.5″

Paulistano Armchair in Canvas

Available from DWR, 1,250.00.

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