Paperback Wall Shelf


Now, this is the way to show off your collection of books. Each of your precious volumes is displayed on its own horizontal shelf, allowing for an impressive array that becomes the focus of a room. 13 shelves may be arranged however you wish, and the unit requires only four screws to mount to the wall, though do make sure you fasten them securely to studs, otherwise you’ll have an unhappy mess of shelving and books on the floor.

There’s also three larger shelves that have protruding tabs that will be the perfect home for larger objects or tomes. If you have the money to spend, several of these side by side or one above the other would look fantastic filling a whole wall.

Paperback Wall Shelf

Paperback Wall Shelf

Made of lightweight resin-fortified paper.

Designers: Studio Parade
Manufacturer: Spectrum

Small 60cm, $648.00
23.75 L x 23.75 H x 4.75 D inches (7.75 inches for tab shelves)
60 x 60 x 12 cm (20cm for tab shelves)

Large 120cm, $936.00
47.5 L x 23.75 H x 4.75 D inches (7.75 inches for tab shelves)
120 x 60 c 12 cm (20cm for tab Shelves)

Available from Luminaire, 936.00.

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