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Naviglio Sofa

Naviglio Sofa

So, a while ago (back in ’07), I posted this sofa saying if I was filthy rich, I would buy it. Now, let’s fast forward to this past weekend, where I happen to be in London walking through a shop and saw this same sofa at 20% off. Even with the exchange rate, that’s roughly $2,200 off what it currently retails for in the US. I am not filthy rich (repeat that again), but I could not help but buy it. It’s modern, classic, comfortable, non-pet-hair-clingy, wine-spill-proof, and I love it. I vow to keep it, sit in and sleep on it at every available opportunity for as long as I shall live.

Designer: Umberto Asnago
W113 x D39 x H27.5 in.

$8,995.00, Buy it here.
£5,995.00 £4,796.00,
Buy it here.


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