Lap Shelving System


I do believe I’m enamored with Marina Bautier’s Lap shelving. One of your fellow readers commented on the Muir Coat Rack the other day (thank you fourthandnorth) stating preference for Bautier’s Portemanteau Coat Rack, which is incredibly similar to the Muir, yet hides the mail slot and features off center pegs.

So, naturally after checking out the Portemanteau, I saw the Lap shelving and fell in love a little bit. The solid oak frame provides support for a variety of sheet metal components, including a regular bookshelf, a tray shelf, and a deep and shallow box. Now, it’s really the tray and boxes that catch the eye as they offer a distinct advantage to corral various items, giving organization options without the need for additional storage pieces.

The Lap shelving is produced by Case Furniture.

Lap shelving
Materials: Oak & Steel

Lap shelving
Tray Shelf shown above.

Lap shelving
Shallow Box and Tray Shelf, Deep Boxes shown.

Lap shelving
Tray Shelf and Regular Bookshelves shown.

Available from Case Furniture, £356.00 and up.

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