Lap Shelving System


So, maybe you remember the Lap Shelving System feature from earlier this year (see the post for more pics), but now that it’s available stateside, I can’t help but shine a little light on it again. The novelty of the design lies in eliminating shelves in favor of movable trays and boxes that provide organization without additional storage pieces. The powder-coated sheet metal works nicely with the solid oak frame and gives a clean modern edge to the collection. If I needed shelving this would be a serious contender.

Designed by Marina Bautier.

Tall Frame, $690.00
Medium Fram, $590.00
Low Frame, $390.00

Bookshelf, $90.00
Small Trayshelf, $60.00
Trayshelf, $85.00
Small Flat Shelf, $55.00
Flat Shelf, $80.00
Shallow Box, $70.00
Deep Box, $110.00

Available from DWR, 390.00 and up.

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