Houdini Chair by Stefan Diez


Besides being easy on the eye, this chair from e15 is also worth noting for its construction method: it’s completely screwless. Made from 4mm thin oak-veneered plywood, the Houdini Chair is both visually and physically light and perfectly complements all e15 tables. There’s several photos showing how it’s constructed (The Making Of), which is as fascinating as it is laborious.

Luckily, there’s a collection by Stefan Diez, of which the Armchair, Lounge, and Stool particularly stand out.

Houdini Chair

Houdini Chair Black

The CH04 HOUDINI is available in oak-veneered plywood in clear, jet black, signal white and traffic grey lacquered finishes as well as custom colours. Partial and complete upholstered options are also available.

Also, I found some bigger ‘Making Of’ photos at baarsma-wonderland.nl:

Houdini Chair, the making of

Houdini Chair, the making of

Houdini Chair, the making of

See more at baarsma-wonderland.nl.

Available from Nest.co.uk, £430.00.

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