Cubo by LOT61


Movable storage units are handy to have, especially if you get bored with the way your furniture is arranged or if you move around a lot. Just recently I ran across these Cubo storage units by LOT61, a small furniture workshop founded by Datumzero Design Office. Doesn’t mean much to you unless you’re in the biz, I guess, but they specialize in contemporary storage pieces, all of which are particularly nice and worth checking out if you’re in the market for consoles or credenzas. We’ll most likely do other posts on more of their collection soon.

Cubo by LOT61

The Cubo unit measures 15.0 H x 15.0 D x 15.0 L and is made of high-gloss polyester finish on MDF.

See more at LOT61.

Available from Design Public, 255.00.

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